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ASJMC Membership Information


Founded in 1917, the Association of Schools of Journalism & Mass Communication is a non-profit association that provides resources and a network for the administrator of journalism and communication programs.  Membership provides connections to more than 160 universities across the United States.

ASJMC now oversees the various nation-wide journalism and communication surveys, which track program enrollments and faculty salary levels. ASJMC holds 4 seats on the Accrediting Council, and reports at least twice a year to members on accrediting issues and standards.

Benefits of membership include:

• special publications that discuss current issues in JMC from an administrative stand point
• an administrative workshop in February each year that includes a development track
• long listing in the online JMC directory
• discounts on AEJMC Conference program advertising and exhibit booths
• special email notices about faculty programs and awards

ASJMC Membership

Membership fees range from $350 to $900 per year for U.S. programs, depending on the size of the program, $100 per year for international programs, regardless of program size, and $50 per year for individual ASJMC membership.

Paying for Your ASJMC Membership

Questions About ASJMC Memberships

For additional information, send your E-mail or call Jennifer McGill, ASJMC Executive Director at 803.798.0271

ASJMC Structure

Ticket info - call 800-555-1212