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ASJMC Proposal for Partnerships
Between J/MC units and Colleges of Education

Colleges of education at our nation’s universities train most of the individuals who become secondary school administrators and many of those who teach journalism and advise student media on that level.

Schools and departments of journalism and mass communication can have an impact on the training of those individuals to help ensure that the message of press freedom for scholastic journalism students is part of the education of administrators and teachers.

What can we as J/MC administrators do?

We can talk to our fellow deans at our colleges of education about a partnership to explore the following:

  • Developing an area of concentration for undergraduate and graduate education majors in journalism, including a law and ethics course and one in teaching journalism/advising student media.
  • Developing an area of concentration for undergraduate or graduate J/MC majors in education, including courses required for certification by the state.
  • Offering the names of J/MC faculty who are willing to come to classes of administrators to talk about the value of scholastic journalism and press freedom.
  • Offering a special class on either the undergraduate or graduate levels on teaching journalism/advising student media, and advertising it to education majors as well as J/MC majors.
  • Partnering with colleges of education to ensure that one of the classes administrators take teaches the importance of journalism education and the skills students learn, the legal and ethical aspects of ensuring a free press in their schools, and civic engagement through journalism for the entire student body.

ASJMC Secondary Education Committee
July 2009

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